Jesús Alberto Vela Urueta


Name: Jesus Alberto Vela Urueta
Date of birth: March 12TH of 1969
Nationality: Mexican
Marital Status :  Married
Family: One Daughter
Adress:  Privada de Rosales N°4312 Colonia Arquitectos ZIP: 31040            
Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Phone: Office phone: 01(614) 29,13,35
              Cell phone:01(614)
              Home: 01 (614).16.46.15

Major: Master Degree in Marketing
Estudios de Posgrado de La Facultad de Contabilidad y Administración
Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua
Period: March 2005 to December 2008.

Bachelor:  Business Administration
Facultad de Contabilidad y Administración, Universidad autónoma de Chihuahua.
Period: September of 1987 to May  1994

Graduated Course: Administration and finances on  period of inflation.
Quality and Productivity
Period: June to August of 1993.

English Course: ITESM
Period: November of 1995 to May of 1996

Graduated in course of TOFEL: ITESM.
City: Chihuahua, México
Period: June 1996 to May of 1997

Seminary of Leadership
ICCP Program
(Goergetown University, National Archives Building,
The Pentagon,U.S. House City:Wasginton D.C.
Period: August of the 94

Program  in Quality and Productivity
Centro de Calidad y productividad de Chihuahua.
City:Chihuahua, México.
Period: May of 1995 to May of 1997.

Factory for the analysis of Processes of Work
Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
City:Chihuahua, México
Period: April of 1997

Seminary of Direction of Human Resources
Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
City:Chihuahua, México.
Period: April to June of 1998

Graduated in Improvement of Processes of Work
Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Period: April to Julio of 1998

Human Relations I, II
City: Chihuahua, México
Period: April to May of 1991

Power Point, Internet
Institution: S.E.E.CH.
City: Chihuahua, México
Period: January to April of 1993

Excel 5,0
The Center of Enterprise Attendance
City: Chihuahua, México
Period: September of 1994

Company :Public Secondary school
Position: Aux. of Laboratory
Period:March of 1989 to November of 1990 S.E.P.
Company: MEX Deparment of Education(S.E.E.CH.)
Position: Aux. de Control of payment and Quality of the Payment
Period: November of 1990 to April of 1995

Company: MEX Department of Education(S.E.E.CH.) Training Deparment
Position: Person in charge of the planning of advanced training courses, Social events like open house, Christmas party and development of projects

Company:Ymca Camp Fuller
City:Providance, Rhode Island
Period: Summer of the 94

Company:Conalep I Chihuahua (Public High schools)
City:Chihuahua, Mexico
Position: English Teacher
Period: September of 1997 to 2002.
Company:Twin Plant Factory ,Aerotec
City: Chihuahua, México
Position: English Teacher
Period: March of 1999 to June of 1999

City: Chihuahua, México
Position: English Teacher ,
Period: August of 2001 to 2004.

Company: ITESM
City: Chihuahua, México
Position: proprietor  of souvenir stand 
Handling  of  trade mark
Period: August of 2003 to 2004.

City: Chihuahua, México
Position: MKT, Publicity, Social- Psychology, Creativity 
Period: FEBRUARY  2003 to May 2005

Company: LISD
City: Longview, Texas.
Company: LISD
City: Longview, Texas.
Position: Bilingual Teacher (Head Start)
Period: August  2005 to December2005

Company: Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua/
Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Económico
City: Chihuahua, México
Position: Staff Research in Marketing  for Higher Education
Period: January  2006 to until now.


- Jesús Alberto Vela Urueta

- Gilda Chávez Carrillo

- CÚsar Alejandro Reyes Balderrama

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